A few years ago, I went to a book signing of author, Anne Lamott. She began her introduction saying, “I was born an overly sensitive child…” She spoke of feeling ‘too deeply,’ being ‘too smart.’ She talked about her intuitive understanding that there was something deeper going on in the world than the adults were letting on.

I knew I was in the presence of a kindred spirit.

I spent most of my time growing up in Hudson, MA, a very small town about 35 miles west of Boston. Like Lamott, I processed life deeply from childhood on. Even when I was small, I thought every experience was beautiful and important, and I was drawn to outsiders and underdogs. Clearly, I too was an overly sensitive child and deeply empathic. In Christian circles, we call it ‘the gift of empathy.’ It doesn’t always feel like a gift, but I’ve grown to understand empathy and healing are my life’s calling. Companioning women on the journey from woundedness to wholeness is my passion.

My eyes weren’t awakened to this truth though, until I was over 40 years old. I did a lot of searching in those inbetween years, but finally realized my purpose after navigating the transformative experience of divorce in midlife and the resulting self-discovery.


Today, I have the honor of walking alongside women who are hurting and in need of hope. It’s a blessing to guide them on the path toward healing, wholeness and restoration. As a Christian Counselor and coach, I am in private practice and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of entrepreneurship.

I am thankful to have lived in Colorado Springs for over 25 years. I raised my grown son, Nathan, here and in 2013, after 8 years of being single, I married Kevin. He couldn’t be more opposite from myself and that’s perfect (and maddening, lol). These two men are the two biggest blessings in my life. And with these men came a plethera of women. They call me mother-in-law, step-mom and grandma.

Here, in the ‘the Springs,’ I spend my precious free time connecting with nature, community and family.  I love art, solitude, reading, and crocheting.

Over the course of my life, I have experienced several major life challenges. (I’ll share some stories as we get to know one another better.) I’ve come out the other side of these experiences a deeper, wiser, more soulful, and loving person. Ultimately, my life’s story is a testimony to the power of God’s work through the power of the Holy Spirit and Christ’s redemptive and restorative love…and plenty of therapy.


So, now I’m on the verge of 53. As I traverse this passage called ‘midlife,’ I realize that there aren’t a lot of places for women like us – overly sensitive women, seekers, learners, deep processors. There are few safe places to dive deeply into this incredible midlife journey and its frighteningly wild opportunity for transformation. There aren’t many places to address, with gut-wrenching and beautiful authenticity, the questions and concerns that arise in midlife and beyond. From the physical, emotional, mental, sprititual and relational shifts that occur, we have a lot to work through.

I want to provide that place for you…and for me.

This blog is intended to be both roadmap and journal, guidebook and diary. As a therapist, I plan to offer wisdom and experience from both the psychological and spiritual perspectives and will share from those perspectives as well as from my own ongoing experiences…because, Lord knows, He’s not done with me yet and I’m still learning as I go.


Please, don’t think that this is just another place where we complain and see midlife as the ultimate downer. Neither will we attempt to fight the transformational process by becoming steeped in middlescence – the battle against transformation.  Instead, we will face the truth that life is slowing down. We will acknowledge that we are coming face to face with the understanding that our time here is finite. We will accept that we don’t have a lot of control over the changes, losses and crises of our lives. BUT, we will also celebrate midlife as a time of growth, reinvention and legacy-making. This is a time of becoming the woman we were always meant to be.

Here is the place and now is the time to rediscover self, purpose and JOY. I want us to experience all of it here, together. And all of that experiencing is going to take grace.

Thus, the birth of Grace Over 50.  Also, as a cute play on words, my dad used to call me Grace because, as the consumate tomboy, I was anything but graceful (as attested to by the myriad photos of me with casts and crutches in childhood)….but that is being redeemed as well with a new understanding of grace as heart-state, not physical-state. So, while I may not be graceful, I seek, always, to be gracious…grace over 50.


If you are a woman over 50, will be a woman over 50 or love a woman over 50, this place is for you. You are welcome here.

At my church, we say, “All of your story is safe and welcome with us regardless of how it reads and you belong with us regardless of what you believe. We aren’t people who used to be like you, tolerate people like you, or fix people like you. We really are people just like you.” This is the message I want you to feel as you engage with this site. 

As you read along, I hope you will engage with the process and share your insights in the comments. I, also, invite you share my posts and those of guest writers with your friends and loved ones.

Please, pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage. Then, put your feet up, wrap yourself in your coziest blanket and let’s have some girltime together.

I’m Pam, it’s nice to meet you. Let’s be friends.


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